Friday, 25 June 2010

EnergyROM Bluetooth Handsfree - fix?

I've been using NRGZ28's EnergyROM on my TP for a while, but the recent ones haven't worked with my in-car stereo (it works as a handsfree via BT).

Well, after a bit more fiddling today, I finally sorted it I think, so I will post the solution here for others, as it may be useful...

I did searching in the registry for Handsfree, and found the relevant key. I then did some googling and came up with this link

I noticed two things: I was missing the NoHandsFree DWORD, and my Capability DWORD was a different value to the default.

So I added the NoHandsFree value, set it to 0, and then edited the Capability one to be 0x21, rebooted, and it works!