Monday, 21 September 2009

Flix available.

I've made available a new version of Flix, with the following changes:

-Fixed download for US/Canada due to Yahoo change.
-Changed Italy URL (although it still seems to not find stuff a lot when I test it)
-New version of scroller control
-When viewing showtimes, you can tap the movie/cinema title to view it. (Showtimes button will be missing at this level, otherwise you could drill down forever!)

Download from here

If you find Flix useful, please

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Flix Available

Flix is now online.

This is a small bugfix release, the changes being:

- Fixed a problem "ignoring" Cinemas from the Cinema info page.
- Added function to stop the device from going to sleep during updates (should hopefully make the download more reliable)

Download via the usual link here

Saturday, 22 August 2009

FLix Available

A new version of Flix is available!
This version is mostly a few bugfixes, however a major interface change is also present- Movies and Cinemas are now presented as a scrolling list rather than the slower "left/right" method.

Canadian users - note that Canada is now a separate country in Flix, so you should go into the Config page and select it correctly before downloading.

Click here to download Flix!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Flix update -

Flix is now available! Click here to download.

Changes in this release:

-Fix French code to deal with change to Yahoo display of no cinemas found
-Support for U.S. / Canada
-Some bugfixes to parsing of data
-Change showtime lookup to avoid occasional duplicates
-Added "update" command line switch; use with something like CTScheduler Lite or RunEveryday to auto-update.
-Icon should look a bit sharper

Monday, 13 July 2009

Another Flix update - added Spain and Italy!

Spain and Italy have now been added to Flix!

In addition, you can download from multiple areas (separate each with a semicolon) i.e. in the location box you could put:

PE1 1AB;Kettering;Huntingdon

You can also "Ignore" cinemas you do not visit, so that they are skipped from future downloads.

Download Flix from here.

If you find Flix useful, please

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Flix update!

I've updated Flix - the Movie showtimes downloader for Windows Mobile to now include France and Germany.

Other countries should hopefully appear soon as well, so stay tuned!

To download, visit the link in the main Flix post preceding this one.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Flix available!

The first public version of Flix is now available!

Flix is a Cinema Listings application for Windows Mobile, and works in the UK.

Download from here.

Flix has been designed to be simple to use, and some screenshots are shown below.

-The first time you run Flix, you will be taken to the config screen.
-Enter either your postcode or town in the location box.
-Where Am I will use GPS to find your postcode.
-Tick posters if you want posters to be downloaded with movie info.
-Tap the Update icon to go online and get listings/movie info
-Movies will list all movies in the database.
-Cinemas will show all movie theaters in the database.

-On either Cinemas or Movies page, clicking the "clock" icon will go to showtimes.
-On Cinemas page, the Phone icon will call the cinema
-The Map icon will load Google Maps to the Cinema location

--Things to note--
You need MS .NET Compact Framework 3.5 for Flix.
Yahoo Movies (which Flix gets data from) can be a bit flaky. I might change provider later, but for now you might find that postcodes don't return any results, and towns provide odd results (if you see Leicester, York, Norwich and Annan, it seems to be a catch-all for Yahoo not having your town, so try another!) If you have trouble, check on the yahoo site here to see what results you get... it /should/ match Flix!

I'd recommend an unlimited data plan or WiFi for the updates. Updates may take some time if you only have GPRS (several minutes)

Finally, if you find Flix useful, please

- it will motivate me to do more on Flix! Add Image

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Coming soon - Flix: UK Cinema Listings for Windows mobile

I've been working on a little project called Flix.

It's basically a small app for Windows Mobile that will download cinema listings with a few extra nice features.

The first public release should be available soon - but if you have any thoughts then why not let me know?

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Useful site?

I've just stumbled upon this Touch Pro dedicated site.

Not had chance to look through yet (am at work...!) but it could be worth a visit, being dedicated specifically to this handset.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Custom weather in Touchflo 3d

One of the tabs in the Touchflo 3D Today app is the weather one. I quite like it, as the little images are very nicely drawn and animated.
The problem is that not all locations are in the database in the device, so if you're unlucky you might have to pick a town or city a fair way from the place you're actually interested in!

The database can actually be edited though. To do this, there is a handy little app that someone wrote, and you can download it (with some more detailed instructions) from here (I installed 1.2).

Brief instructions for using the app are:

-Install it on your phone :)
-Come out of TF3D (untick it in the Today control panel applet)
-Run the Weather Database Editor
-Find your country, and click for Cities.
-Add City.
-Fill in the name/state of your desired location.
-Now visit and search for your location.
-Look in the URL for the code. For where I live (Oundle) for example, this is: EUR|UK|UK187|Oundle
-Enter the code into the program (I did it all in uppercase)
-Exit the program and re-tick TF3D.

You should now find the city you added is available to pick from in the list!

This should be handy for when I visit Saas Fee next, as it's also not in the default database!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

First Mod - blue Icons

The people over at XDA Devs have been modding for a while now, and can achieve all sorts of stuff.

Following on from my FREE Sony Ericsson themes I've done over the years, I wanted to start playing around with my new HTC, and it's Windows Mobile based OS.

My first mod is to replace the icons in TouchFlo 3D. These are the icons along the bottom of the screen, for home, contacts and so on.

The new icons are fairly simple blue 3D ones. The "hover" icon is the same but a little brighter like it's glowing. You can see the icons below.

To download them, simply use this link, and check the readme file in the archive for some notes.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Touchscreen feedback

I've just installed a handy bit of freeware called Touch Response. The idea is very simple- it vibrates the phone when you touch the screen. This is actually a lot more useful than it sounds. The problem with touchscreens is that they don't offer any real feedback so sometimes if something is a little slow to respond, you wonder if you actually pressed the screen or not!

Touch Response solves this by making the phone give a little 'buzz' when you touch items on the screen. It also isntalls a little applet to the System Settings so you can fine tune the action - it can vibrate for an adjustable time on press/release. Yo ucan also select when it should / shouldn't work, for instance disabling it when the stylus is out, or during a call.

You can download Touch Response FREE from here: Touch Response

Monday, 13 April 2009

In Car holder

One of the uses I'll have for my Touch Pro is sat-nav. As such, a car holder was needed. Expansys did a 'car pack' comprising a generic "clamp" mount, windscreen sucker and charger - but it was £34 plus delivery. eBay turned up another winner with a much neater windscreen mount designed specifically for the Touch Pro, along with a car charger (and a screen protector film) for the princely sum of £5.50 including delivery from Hong Kong!

As you can see in the pictures, it allows use with the keyboard open or closed, and also rotates around so if you aren't using sat-nav and just want the phone on view in "portrait" mode, you can do. The only thing I'd like to see is a little padding around the top clip, as it's quite tight and rather hard edged - I may mod it a little to help protect the phone.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Headphone adapter

One thing I didn't like about the HTC Touch Pro when it arrived was the headphones. I actually found them quite uncomfortable, and the sound quality wasn't great either.

Of course, the only external connector on the Touch Pro is the Mini-USB based one, so I couldn't just plug another pair in. eBay turned up trumps though, and for less than £2 - including delivery from Hong Kong to the UK! - I got a useful little cable with the HTC plug on one end, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack socket on the other. Problem solved!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Welcome to my HTC Touch Pro blog

Hi there.
After some time with a Sony Ericsson P1, and many years of Sony Ericsson phones, I've finally 'left the fold'. I decided I wanted a Windows mobile based phone, due to the amount of software around (plus as a C# dev I fancied playing with the compact framework...) and after some reading of reviews, I decided to go for the HTC Touch Pro.

Primary 'wants' were:

Hardware QWERTY keyboard
Touch screen (for sat-nav use)
Built in GPS
Decent screen
Expandable memory

The HTC ticked all the boxes. I considered the Sony Ericsson Xperia for a while, but I much preferred the look of the TouchFlo 3D front end (although you can install that on the Xperia...) but mainly the keyboard on the HTC has a proper number row unlike the SE.

So, i'll try and update as I get to grips with this, and find new things!