Friday, 14 August 2009

Flix update -

Flix is now available! Click here to download.

Changes in this release:

-Fix French code to deal with change to Yahoo display of no cinemas found
-Support for U.S. / Canada
-Some bugfixes to parsing of data
-Change showtime lookup to avoid occasional duplicates
-Added "update" command line switch; use with something like CTScheduler Lite or RunEveryday to auto-update.
-Icon should look a bit sharper


  1. I´ve installed it, first run, after that I would update kino and films. But I alwyays get error message: no network connection ... but I definiteley have connection! Can you help? many thanks Lutz

  2. Hi Lutz
    Flix will say no network connection on two occasions- if either the http status code is not 200 (success) or if the data it receives is blank.

    What is your connection? 3G/Wifi etc? Have you tried a soft reboot of your device?