Saturday, 22 August 2009

FLix Available

A new version of Flix is available!
This version is mostly a few bugfixes, however a major interface change is also present- Movies and Cinemas are now presented as a scrolling list rather than the slower "left/right" method.

Canadian users - note that Canada is now a separate country in Flix, so you should go into the Config page and select it correctly before downloading.

Click here to download Flix!


  1. Why don't you write which bugs u killed? There are sooo many, and it's very frustrating to install FLix again after every new Version, just to see that it is still useless!

  2. Hi Phil - sorry, in future I'll put the details in here. I actually tend to put most details in the thread over at XDA - here:

    Can you be more specific about what is useless so I can try to fix that?

  3. I've just installed this version and am sad to report that it fails to work for me. It's interminent when it does fail which is strange, rarely it will manage to find cinemas for my location but usually returns No Cinemas Found.

    Typing in my town (Southwark) results in cinemas around Leeds being downloaded. Typing in my post code or using "Where am I" SE1 I get no cinemas found. Using full post code makes no difference.

    On the rare occasions when I have managed to get a download most cinemas & show times are empty.

    Posters are not downloaded at all. I hope this information is useful.

    I feel you have a way to go but keep plugging away fella. When the kinks are ironed out this will be a must have app!

  4. H Gary - thanks for your comments.

    Yahoo (which Flix) uses can be a bit funny. Just the last week it stopped finding anything for my postcode at all! Southwark appears to be a location it doesn't like. If you visit and put that in the box, Yahoo returns its rather weird default selection (York, Norwich etc). In addition, SE1 yields no results. You may want to try another location nearby - Waterloo for instance does return one Cinema. It's best to experiment on the Yahoo site.

    As for why you get empty info, this is usually a sign of a download that was interrupted. The new version ( I just uploaded stops the device sleeping during the download which you may find helps. Thanks for trying Flix out!

  5. Hi James,
    - in Version I get only one film (the first one and can't klick me to the next) and the description is empty, when I than delete all cinemas except one I can see all films and descriptions that where downloaded - but that are not all that really running in that cinema, much films are missing in the app (download was succesful)!
    - When I aborted the download one time the whole app crashed.
    - When I download films at wednesday I can see only the times for that day, not for the whole new cinema-week, beginning at thurthday..
    - Texts in the menus are sometimes missing and the Texts I see are so bad tranlated
    Only a few of the bugs...
    Best greetings

  6. Hi Phil, Some countries, like Italy, don't seem to give a full list of days... what country are you in? If you let me know the country and location you put in, I can try debugging the program to see what might go wrong...

  7. Hi James! I'm in Germany.. New Films come out on Thursday and if it's Wednesday evening the new Film-Weeks won't be shown. If you need more information about the much bugs I get write me an email to mail a t - I don't look in your comments so often ;-)