Monday, 4 May 2009

Custom weather in Touchflo 3d

One of the tabs in the Touchflo 3D Today app is the weather one. I quite like it, as the little images are very nicely drawn and animated.
The problem is that not all locations are in the database in the device, so if you're unlucky you might have to pick a town or city a fair way from the place you're actually interested in!

The database can actually be edited though. To do this, there is a handy little app that someone wrote, and you can download it (with some more detailed instructions) from here (I installed 1.2).

Brief instructions for using the app are:

-Install it on your phone :)
-Come out of TF3D (untick it in the Today control panel applet)
-Run the Weather Database Editor
-Find your country, and click for Cities.
-Add City.
-Fill in the name/state of your desired location.
-Now visit and search for your location.
-Look in the URL for the code. For where I live (Oundle) for example, this is: EUR|UK|UK187|Oundle
-Enter the code into the program (I did it all in uppercase)
-Exit the program and re-tick TF3D.

You should now find the city you added is available to pick from in the list!

This should be handy for when I visit Saas Fee next, as it's also not in the default database!


  1. Excellent information. For anyone with a version of Manila older than 2.1, then none of these weather editor applications will work. There is a program for the newer Manila versions called "PPC Manila 2.1 and 2.5 Weather City Database Editor" by JVH3. You can find it here: It works perfectly on these new versions. Help me add my local city on my new Touch pro 2.

  2. Also to clarify my comment a bit, Manila is another name for TouchFLO 3D.