Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Welcome to my HTC Touch Pro blog

Hi there.
After some time with a Sony Ericsson P1, and many years of Sony Ericsson phones, I've finally 'left the fold'. I decided I wanted a Windows mobile based phone, due to the amount of software around (plus as a C# dev I fancied playing with the compact framework...) and after some reading of reviews, I decided to go for the HTC Touch Pro.

Primary 'wants' were:

Hardware QWERTY keyboard
Touch screen (for sat-nav use)
Built in GPS
Decent screen
Expandable memory

The HTC ticked all the boxes. I considered the Sony Ericsson Xperia for a while, but I much preferred the look of the TouchFlo 3D front end (although you can install that on the Xperia...) but mainly the keyboard on the HTC has a proper number row unlike the SE.

So, i'll try and update as I get to grips with this, and find new things!

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